Happiness, one scoop at a time, since 2004!

We are proud to have been making and serving the finest frozen desserts, soups, coffees and other items for almost ten years.  Over this time we have met a lot of amazing people, both customers and staff- and we have had a lot of fun. The last couple of years we have expanded to include the Radium Mini Golf location, and we now roast and blend our own coffee, these additions have helped to keep things exciting!

Our History

Gerry Taft started his business career selling lego in his grade three classroom, later it was a hot dog cart in front of Invermere Home Hardware when he was 17. From that time until now there have many businesses, including: ‘The Secret Sausage Conspiracy’ (SSC) beside Thredz, the beach shack, and ‘Gerry’s Ice Cream & Candy’ in Fairmont Hot Springs.

Gerry’s Gelati was a dream that Gerry developed during college, inspired by the first time he tasted gelato in Vancouver- when he was hit with the simple but life changing thought: “My hometown needs this, Invermere needs this… and I’m going to be the person to do it.” Gerry’s Gelati Cafe opened in its current Invermere location on May 3, 2004.

Gerry’s Gelati & Mini Golf Radium Hot Springs opened in late May 2012. In December of 2012, Gerry began roasting and blending coffee for our locations and limited retail sales (available at AG Valley Foods Invermere) under the name ‘Stolen Church Coffee Co.’

Gerry is also the Mayor of District of Invermere (and has been since December 2008), he has served on Invermere council since 2002.